Corporate and Community Outreach Department

This Department is the fundamental link between the National Archives and the community. It seeks to foster the corporate identity of the National Archives and is therefore responsible for media, marketing and public relations activities. It is also responsible for promoting outreach within the National Archives and outside it. It develops and maintains relations with agencies, end-users in both public and private sector institutions concerned. It also sets strategies for dealing with these users, developing educational programs according to international standards. Moreover, it seeks to develop and maintain strategic partnerships, and to organize promotional marketing and awareness campaigns apart from exhibitions aimed at promoting the National Archives image and prestigious status. Additionally, it contributes to the organization of conferences and other events. Its action plan is inspired by the mission, vision and objectives of the National Archives. This department consists of the following sections:

1. Corporate Relations Section

This division represents the front of the National Archives. It establishes and maintains mutual understanding between the National Archives and its users asserting its identity and achieving its strategies. It reinforces the National Archives exemplary image by preparing and distributing brochures and media materials highlighting its activities. Moreover, it establishes and strengthens relationships with the media to raise awareness of NA and its activities. It offers visitors first-hand knowledge of its role and the value and importance of documents, thus establishing reliability and respect for National Archives mission. This section is responsible for dealing with media, marketing and corporate relations and outreach. The section has four units: Marketing and Media unit, Electronic Media Unit , Corporate Communication Unit and Printing Press Unit.

2. Educational Programs Section

This section is responsible for the preparation of national awareness programs for the benefit of UAE educational institutions in order to promote values of identity, belonging and loyalty in the hearts of younger generations, and to enlighten members of community with the historical facts pertaining to the UAE. Thus, it supports the National Archives to carry out its historical mission as a source of documented historical information and the official memory of natation.

3. Community Programs Section

This Section is responsible for developing relationships between the National Archives and the community, through organizing activities of interest to its various segments, (such as visits, conferences, meetings and exhibitions). Additionally, this section participates in events organized by other institutions and prepares electronic media materials, bulletins and relevant books highlighting the role and importance of archival institutions. It also seeks to involve the community in National Archives’ activities and programs. Furthermore, it prepares and implements recreational community programs aimed at highlighting the National Archives vision and mission and answers interested users’ queries and meets their demands.