Research and Knowledge Services Department

This Department undertakes research and studies emanating from within the National Archives or referred to it by other government bodies. The department assesses research papers on the history and culture of the UAE, the Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula using authenticated scientific methods. It also conducts specialized in-depth studies, translates and publishes books and research papers according to the most advanced technical standards. The Department also participates in the National Archives scientific and cultural activities as well as local, Arab and international conferences, seminars and symposiums. The Department provides support to researchers and scholars within its field of specialization and its publications are distinctive.
Research and Knowledge Services Department comprises of the following sections:

1. Research and Studies Section

This section lays down objective plans and scientific standards for researchers and scholars at the National Archives to follow. It also examines books and research papers presented to it,   provides scientific consultation and knowledge services to researchers into the history of the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula, encourages academic research and serious scientific studies,  makes recommendations for publication and preserves copyrights.  In addition, it undertakes projects within its specialties to improve performance levels, in accordance with the operational objectives of the National Archives, for the benefit of researchers and other people interested in the history and heritage of the UAE and the region. This section also examines research presented for educational awards such as “Khalifa Award for Education” and “Young Historian Award” for students of preliminary and secondary schools to  encourage Emirati young researchers to study the Arabian Gulf region in general and the UAE in particular in order to document its history, events, developments, famous people’s biographies, their accomplishments and relations. This is in addition to reviewing, analysing and substantiating what was written about the region, to eliminate uncertainty about its people and their history, and to highlight their controversial, ambiguous or unknown customs and traditions.

2. Translation and Publishing Section

This section carries out the translation of books and archival records closely and directly related to the history, heritage and culture of the UAE and the Gulf region into Arabic for the benefit of researchers and students. It publishes works of leading specialists in Gulf studies in both Arabic and English languages. Publications include history and heritage of the UAE and the Gulf Region, biographies, memoirs, travel literature and proceedings of conferences, symposiums and seminars organized by the National Archives. The section consists of two units, namely: Translation Unit and Publication Unit.

3. Oral History & Genealogical Studies

This section seeks to trace the history and heritage of the UAE through interviewing and writing narratives of individuals in order to fill the gaps neglected by foreign documents. The section has a database to save these interviews, while some of them are published in books and publications. The team helps researchers in studying documents and comparing them with the contemporary oral narratives; they are the nation’s memory and history. The aim of this section is to get youths acquainted with the historical events and lifestyles of each region of the UAE before and after the establishment of the Union. It also contributes to training, documenting the oral narratives of elderly and veteran people and monitoring the historical events and lifestyles in the past to preserve the material and moral peculiarities of the UAE society for the future generations by conducting audio and video interviews that are classified and saved to enrich the National Archives. The staff of this section are keen to spread and develop this culture through participating in conferences and lectures related to oral history inside and outside the UAE. The National Archives has a membership in several related associations at the Gulf and global levels such as:

•    American Oral History Association (OHA).
•    Center of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies (CGAPS).
•    Association of Moroccan Historians.
•    Union of Arab Historians.
•    Société Egyptienne des Études Historiques.
•    UNESCO Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
•    GCC Society for History and Archaeology.

4. Emirates Library Section

The Emirates Library is part of the scientific research program of the National Archives that allows researchers, scholars and students to benefit from its rich and specialized collections covering all areas of the National Archives’ interests in their various paper and electronic formats.

The main objective of the library is to collect various sources of information available, anywhere and in any language, on the United Arab Emirates, with a focus on the Gulf region, and the Arab world.
The library has a distinct collection of electronic and printed sources which are available for public use, with integrated sets of references, dissertations, rare books, local, Gulf, Arab and international newspapers and magazines, periodicals and on-line subscription to benefit researchers.
Sources of information in the library are in both Arabic and English with materials in other languages such as French, German, Persian, Portuguese and Dutch. The library is involved in gifts and exchange program with several information institutions in the world.

Researchers can browse all the information regarding the library services, resources and facilities on the library portal:

The Emirates Library works constantly to enhance its collections with materials of interest to researchers from inside and outside the National Archives, who frequent the library to complete their specialized research and studies in the affairs of the UAE and Gulf region.