Support Services Department

This Department provides support to the National Archives with regard to financial and administrative affairs, human resources, IT and computer services as well as the National Archives Central Archive.
The Department manages all personnel affairs, prepares the National Archives budget in coordination with other departments and monitors the implementation of the approved budgets. Moreover, it exercises financial control over the various National Archives activities and manages all the general services and maintenance works of all departments.
The Department also sets the National Archives Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures as well as other requirements in collaboration with other departments. It sets technical and progress reports, statistics and operational schedules and submits these to the Director General. It also recommends policies and procedures for the development of the National Archives overall performance. The Support Services Department consists of five sections:

1. Information Technology Section

Information Technology (IT) Section provides technical support, follows up network affairs, IT services and applications. It is responsible for the development of National Archives technological systems and operations. It has been supervising the National Archives IT infrastructure; and within a decade, it managed to take strategic steps to develop the infrastructure with several advanced servers that operate independently to ensure control, supervision and protection of both hardware and software. Under the supervision of the IT section, the National Archives has been granted ISO 27001 certificate for information security.

The IT Section supports and develops various systems within the National Archives including employee attendance and self-service systems, library, electronic archiving, communication system, Human resources, finance and purchasing, Information security, electronic network support and National Archives website.

2. Human Resources and Career Development Section

This Section is concerned with human resources and career development. It is responsible for the recruitment and employment of highly qualified and skilled UAE Nationals who would achieve National Archives vision and goals. It manages staff affairs from the time of their appointment to end of service. It acquaints the staff with the National Archives human resources policies that contribute to maximizing job satisfaction. This Section also helps staff realize their goals through the observation of general policies, work ethics and code of conduct at NA.
The National Archives staff training and development, as well as motivation, is one of the priorities of this section, in order to increase their productivity and efficiency in the best interest of both the National Archives and its staff.

3. Finance and Purchasing Section

The Finance Section manages the National Archives staff salaries, budget estimates, bank accounts, invoices and verifies integrity of all financial procedures in compliance with regulations. It also manages revenue-expenditure records and periodic departmental reports and prepares annual balance sheets.
The Purchasing Section is the main channel for securing the needs and requirements of all National Archives departments and acts as a link between National Archives on one hand and suppliers and service providers on the other. It also conducts National Archives bids.

4. Logistic Support Section

This Section manages and preserves National Archives assets with a view to providing the best possible services for National Archives and external users. It also ensures the provision and maintenance of an appropriate and safe work environment and the ongoing operation of health and safety tools and systems in the National Archives.

5. National Archives Central Archives Section

This Section links all National Archives departments, as it is mainly responsible for the establishment and management of a central archive using a unified electronic record management system, in accordance with international standards in encoding of incoming and outgoing internal and external correspondence. This section receives, sends, codifies and archives National Archives correspondence electronically on a daily basis into a temporary archive and on a weekly/monthly basis into the permanent archive, thus facilitating retention and retrieval as per work requirements.
One of the main duties of this section is to preserve official National Archives documents and safeguard them against damage or loss. Lists of all files are periodically prepared and referred to the Disposal Committee and disposal is eventually carried out as per the established procedures and regulations.