Our Duties

The National Archives collects, manages and preserves documents according to scientific archival techniques for the public interest, contributes to the dissemination of cultural and historical awareness and makes its acquisitions accessible to researchers.

The Duties of the National Archives are:
•    Collecting documents and material relating to the history and culture of the UAE, G.C.C states, from primary sources in Arab and foreign countries.
•    Documenting recent developments in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
•    Preserving administrative documents collected from various ministries, government bodies and major companies within the UAE and seeking the endorsement of necessary legislations for the preservation and proper usage of such documents.
•    Digitization of all archival materials for preserving, maintaining and making them accessible through the Internet.
•    Preparing various specialized historical and cultural research and studies relating to the Gulf region and eventual publishing of the output at local and international venues.
•    Organizing conferences, symposiums and workshops in order to promote research and enrich the cultural life in the UAE, and endorsing academic interaction with other G.C.C and Arab countries.
•    Participating interactively in international conferences, Seminars, symposiums, and forums in order to uphold the UAE’s leadership in disseminating culture and information worldwide.
•    Fostering of scientific research among younger generations, encouraging them to seek higher academic degrees and enhancing their capacity for a more effective role in the National Archives various activities.
•    Providing various ministries, government bodies, research centers and scholars with documents and information relevant to their respective fields of study.
•    Improving the National Archives performance and activities internationally and promoting its prestigious position as a distinctive and outstanding academic and cultural edifice.