Customers Happiness Hall

Customer happiness hall

Customers Happiness Hall is a specially designed hall for researchers. It includes state-of-the-art hardware and software that help the visitor to search for the heritage and history of the UAE and the Gulf region, and to access that in the historical documents of the National Archives.
The creation of this Hall comes in line with the vision of our wise leadership in promoting community service and social responsibility, which the National Archives adheres to, and to consolidate the concept of happiness to become practice and culture. The service centers shall become centers for customers’ happiness and shall reinforce their confidence in the effectiveness of the services rendered by the National Archives within its national vision and mission, in which its values: confidentiality, trust, accessibility, excellence and team spirit are realized.
The Customers Happiness Hall was designed to provide happiness and comfort to the researcher, and was furnished in a way to encourage him to spend more time browsing in the treasures of the National Archives, such as the historical documents, maps, photographs, films and multimedia that the researcher can only find in the National Archives. It plays a role similar to its counterparts in the most advanced National Archives in the world. It provides researchers with scientific research methods, and enables them to access the archival materials and documents through its modern computers, with the ability to copy and scan ordinary pages and maps.
The Hall includes a document store to keep the most requested historical documents, and is equipped with tablet computers that grant visitors access to the National Archives’ smart applications, and allow them to participate in a questionnaire that measures customer happiness for further improvement.
Like similar halls in World Archives, this Hall also provides researchers with some digital lockers, in which the researcher places all his/her personal belongings that may pose a danger to historical paper documents, and supplies visitors with what they need in their research.
The Customers Happiness Hall provides scientific research facilities and tools. It is located close to the library, so the researcher can simultaneously access the sources, references and historical documents required for his/her research.
The National Archives looks forward to install special applications in the Hall’s computers to assist in locating documents, maps or films and photographs accessible to the public. This will allow the researcher to choose the required archival material and look closely at it, and copy whatever he/she needs to support his/her research subject.
The Customers Happiness Hall, therefore, is considered a destination for researchers interested in the history and heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region, and a unique addition to the role played by the National Archives towards them.