Sheikh Zayed Hall

sheikh zayed hall

A permanent exhibition of manuscripts, documents, photos and maps to acquaint visitors with the history of the United Arab Emirates. It consists of a section in honour of the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder and first President of UAE.
The hall presents a comprehensive panorama of the UAE’s history for more than 500 years. It contains rare archaeological and heritage items and historical documents that tell the nation’s story since searching for pearl.
The hall is considered as a window through which visitors view the UAE’s history. The oldest document in the hall is the “Portuguese Cantino” map, which dated back to 1502. It is the first map for the Gulf region.
Sheikh Zayed Hall includes a special pavilion for the collection of the Canadian nurse, Gertrude ‪Dyck, known as Dr. Latifa who had worked at the “Oasis” Hospital in Al Ain since 1962. It recounts a vital period of the history of Abu Dhabi and the UAE and the interest of the UAE’s leaders in the health sector.