Our Objectives

Build a contemporary national archiving system

  • Provide consulting and training services for government entities
  • Prepare national and specialized professionals in manual and electronic archiving
  • Enhance the performance of archives in governmental entities.
  • Establish an accreditation center in governmental records management.

Provide integrated intellectual research and services

  • Issue indigenous research and studies about UAE and the Arab Gulf countries history
  • Build Integrated oral history archives
  • Conduct workshops and provide consulting services in UAE history
  • Develop a database for UAE tribal lineages

Build the National Archives' holdings and enhance their accessibility

  • Collect, preserve and restore documents, manuscripts and books about UAE and the Arab Gulf countries
  • Technical processing of its holdings in accordance with the best international standards and practices
  • Provide best applications to enhance accessibility of the National Archives holdings in accordance with the policies adopted
  • Provide equipped storage spaces to store the archives in their different forms

Enrich corporate and community outreach

  • Enhance external trust and strengthen employee loyalty
  • Provide media and community programs to develop the relationships with the National Archives stakeholder
  • Build strategic partnerships with cultural and educational institutions
  • Promote distinctive the National Archives perception using effective and innovative marketing tools

Provide and develop a distinctive working environment

  • Provide integrated administrative and financial services
  • Attract, develop, motivate and retain national and specialized cadres
  • Provide holistic infrastructure and innovative solutions
  • Manage the National Archives physical and intellectual assets according to best practices
  • Implement integrated Systems for performance management, project management, quality and organizational excellence.
  • Manage risks to ensure business continuity, information security and employees safety.