Archive Assessment Procedure

Definition: A committee form the National Archives, including an expert and specialists from the government archives


1.To help government entities organize their documents and archive. 

2.To assess archive status in the entity and review preservation and classification methods 

3.To prepare an archive assessment report

Procedural steps: 

1.Issuing an administrative decision that prohibits document destruction within the entity.

2.Forming an internal committee to organize the archive within the government entity according to the following conditions:

  • The committee chairperson shall be a top management figure in the entity capable of applying policies and organizational procedures.
  • One of the members shall be an archive employee in the entity.
  • One of the members shall be from the information technology section of the entity.
  • The committee members should be permanent appointees in order to avoid excessive turnover.

3.Approving the composition of the committee by the president of the entity

4.Sending an official letter to the National Archives announcing the formation of the committee.

5.Coordinating with the entity to set a meeting for archive status assessment.

6.Meeting with the entity officials.

7.Reviewing the archive storage location in the governmental entity.

8.Issuing an archive assessment report by the National Archives.

9.Preparing an official letter attached with an archive assessment report.

10.Coordinating with the entity to present the report. 

Note: Applications or requests shall be approved only after review by the appropriate committee of the government entity.