Archives Transfer Procedures

Definition: The transfer of historical documents and files from government entities to the National Archives for permanent storage according to the retention plan.


1.To collect historical documents consisting of archival value to build the national archive of the United Arab Emirates.

2.To organize the transfer process from government entities according to controls and parameters determined by the National Archives.

3.To store and preserve government archives under the best conditions.

Procedure Steps:

1.Preparing archive materials for transfer to the National Archives

2.Preparing a list of files for transferal.

3.Filling out the archive transfer form.

4.Approval of the transfer form by the Chairman of the relevant entity.

5.Sending the archive transfer form to the National Archives.

6.National Archives approval on the archives transfer.

7.Coordinating with the National Archives on transfer date and conditions.

8.Transporting the archive according to the rules determined by the National Archives.

9.Receiving the transfer at the National Archives and the revision of the archives upon collection.

10.Classifying the transferred files in the storage areas and recording data in the approved systems.

11.Signing of archives transfer form and keeping the original within the National Archives.