Consultation Response Procedures


It is the response to consultation requests presented by government entities in all aspects concerning archiving as per the archive management system of the entity, regarding any data within the National Archive based on international standards in archive organization and the experience of the Center’s employees in this field. 


1.To help government entities in organizing their documents and archive.

2.To optimize the consultation services offered by the National Archives in the field of government and electronic archives. 

3.To record the consultations offered to government authorities.

4.To form an overall view of the problems and obstacles that government entities face in organizing their archives and to assist in implementing appropriate solutions.

Procedure steps:

1.Submission of the consultancy request approved by the head of the committee in the government entities. 

2.Transmitting the request to the concerned section in the National Archives. 

3.Answering the consultation and providing the required materials.

Note: no request will not be considered by the NA unless approved beforehand by the chairperson of the relevant archive committee.