Document Digitizing Procedures

Definition: It is a technical process of converting documents from its hard copy to an electronic form..


1.To control the conversion of paper documents into digital form to ensure high quality for all scanned documents.

2.To secure backup copies of historical documents.

3.To promote use of electronic documents in order to safeguard originals from damage due to frequent handling.

4.To facilitate access to digital documents through the electronic system of the National Archives.

Procedural steps :

1.Preparing document for scanning.

2.Setting equipment according to the approved standards of the National Archives.

3.Scanning of documents.

4.Reviewing the quality of the digital document in comparison to the original paper form.

5.Indexing the document by entering data in the approved electronic system.

6.Checking the entered data on the electronic system and comparing it with the document.

7.Migrating document data into the approved electronic system.

8.Reviewing the data migrated to the approved electronic system.