Document Disposal Procedures

Definition: It is the disposal process of invaluable documents subject to law provisions to the preservation and retention policy.


1.To apply Federal Law no. 7 of 2008 concerning the National Archives.

2.To control the disposal of documents and files produced by government entities which are no longer needed for historical research.

3.To minimize the quantity of documents stored by government entities while retaining those of value.

Procedural steps:

1.Determining the documents to be disposed of according to the retention schedule.

2.Preparing a list of the documents to be disposed of.

3.Preparing an archive disposal request.

4.Sending the request to the National Archives to be examined by the document disposal committee.

5.Assessing proposed documents by the document destruction committee, which give the approval for the destruction of the submitted documents.

6.Setting the destruction date.

7.Preparing documents to be disposed.

8.Physical checking of the documents before the destruction process.

9.Executing of the disposal operation in the presence of the disposal committee.

10.Preparing and signing an archive disposal report.