NA Document Preservation Policy

Definition: To maintain the physical and intellectual value of original documents for long term preservation, documents requires appropriate security, climate and environmental conditions based on its form.


1.Provide the appropriate conditions for archive storage areas in order to protect all forms of documents against damage.

2.Set rules and principles for the storage of archive materials

3.Apply international security and safety standards, as well as, best practices by equipping the storage locations of archives.

Text of the Policy:

The National Archives document preservation policy involves storage and protection procedures for any type and form of document in the following manner:

1.Specialization of document storage areas based on international standards for file storage, recovery and confidentiality.

2.Specialization of appropriate long-term storage spaces for all types of documents.

3.Setting a scheduled plan of periodic control and maintenance of the environmental conditions of the building and documents storage spaces.

4.Maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance of fragile archival material and documents.

5.Setting appropriate safety, security and environment related instructions and following up their application under optimum storage and document protection conditions.

6.Securing storages spaces by implementing an access and exit control system to avoid document leakage and eventually loss.

7.Setting an emergency plan to face disasters as reviewed by the competent authorities (civil defense).

8.Developing procedures and plans for users to avoid any risk or damage to documents.

9.Ensuring that all standard specification and security conditions are in place when showing archive documents during events and exhibitions.

10.Application of health and safety legislation and regulations adopted in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.