Documents Accessibility Policy

Definition: This policy sets out the main principles of the legal procedures through which archival materials are to be made available for researchers and students according to Federal Law no. 7 of 2008 concerning the National Archives and it’s by law and the approved procedures.


1.Enable the National Archives to set the conditions for giving access to the archives. 

2.Enable researchers to have access to the information and documents needed to complete their studies, justify their rights and support decision making.

Text of the policy: The National Archives is committed to the following:

1.Upon circulation of the documents and accessibility to researchers, the following conditions should apply:

  • Assure that the documents requested by researchers is not classified as confidential.
  • Assure that the documents needed by researchers include content for the benefit of the researchers.
  • Assure that the document is for scientific and historical research according to the classification system applied in the National Archives.
  • Grant access via a form prepared for that purpose.
  • At the discretion of General Director of NA, permit access to the hard copy of the document.

2.Under this policy, and upon assessment, the National Archives determines the types of documents that may be accessed according to certified standards and laws.

3.After the documents classification as confidential has been removed, the documents may be viewed.

4.Measures must be taken to ensure that documents will not be subject to loss or damage due to handling. 

5.The use of directives and procedures upon circulation of electronic, sound and visual documents due to their fragility. 

6.Measures must be taken to avoid transferring the borrowed documents to units, employees, researchers and preventing leakage of their content.

7.Appropriate procedures must be followed for returning all the documents on time, with possibility of extension according to the needs of the research.

8.Abide with the procedures and conditions to access private archives stored within the National Archives.