Historical Archives Collection Policy

Definition: This policy sets forth the legal structure under which the National Archives performs its mission to collect historical archives beneficial to researchers and citizens while maintaining a record of the nation’s history.


This policy aims to:

1.Execute the collection and preservation strategies of the historical archives of the United Arab Emirates.

2.Underline the responsibilities of the National Archives and governmental authorities in collecting and preserving a national cultural archive.

3.Encourage governmental and private bodies to transfer their historical records to the National Archives when they are not needed anymore for official work.

4.Set principle directives in determining the type of historical records that should be transferred to the National Archives or any of its branches for permanent preservation.

5.Searching for private records and receiving them according to the allowed procedures of the National Archives.

Text of the policy:

1.The National Archives shall collect public and private archives in any form produced by governmental bodies in application to the acquisition policy as follows:

2.Set the archives mechanisms, transferring measures, procedures, rules and standards to transfer documents from government entities to NA in order to preserve the document for a long term.

3.Collect-expired original documents from governmental authorities, public and private bodies inside and outside the country in accordance with conservation the retention policy.

4.Commit all governmental authorities to apply the permanent and historical document transferring procedures approved by the National Archives in accordance with the retention schedule.

5.Assess historical documents in order to select those of historical, national and permanent value.

6.The National Archives should abide with the following when assessing historical files for permanent conservation:

  • Documents concerning strategies and policies
  • Documents concerning the organization of governmental and private bodies
  • Documents containing data on the society
  • Documents of an artistic, technical and scientific nature representing a reference for historical studies
  • Documents containing general information on incidents, individuals, locations, historical buildings and others events of historical nature.

7.Collect documents resulting from the activities of private establishments in or outside of national soil.

8.Collect documents from both individuals and private entities by legal and technical procedures (purchase, accepting donations, deposit) on a condition that they have a historical or national value. The National Archives owns the pre-emption to purchasing any private document of historical value concerning the United Arab Emirates State for sale outside or inside the country.

10Accept any donation from public personality, families or private institutions inside or outside the country, by the initiative of the granting party, thus transferring ownership of the granted document to the National Archives.