Interview Subjects

The interview focuses on recording and documenting the biography of the narrator, then moves on to other topics, such as:

Genealogy and family tree:

-    Tribal genealogical documentation.
-    Clans and their branches.
-    UAE ruling families, in order to highlight family bonds and the sense of belonging to the nation.

Social Life:

-    Customs and traditions.
-    Means of entertainment and recreation.
-    Toiletries.
-    Fishing and hunting.
-    Raising livestock such as horses and camels.
-    Popular folk dishes.

Administrative and Political Life:

-    Local government and its role in public life.
-    The role of local tribal leaders, and the relationship between the people and local Rulers.

Economic Life:

-    Trade and Agriculture.
-    Handicrafts and artifacts.
-    Financial system such as currency types and the state financial resources.

Religious Life:

-    Mosques and their religious and social role.
-    Role of clergymen in society.

Cultural and Academic life:

-    Education.
-    Education centers and Katateeb (traditional education system).


-    Folk medicine techniques.
-    Popular folk remedies.
-    Astronomy.
-    Navigation.


-    Handicrafts.
-    Singing.
-    Music.

Traditional Architectural styles:

-    Building mosques.
-    Platforms and decorative designs.
-    Types of water transportation systems such as "falags".
-    Shipbuilding industry

Questions about the UAE's annual initiatives.

Information on the history of certain places in the UAE and associated stories and memories of people who inhabited them is also collected.