The Archive and Modern Art

A joint venture between the National Archives (NA) and a group of local artists in the UAE, either in collaboration with each artist individually or by approaching and concluding an agreement with an art and cultural organization in the UAE. Such an organization will be tasked with recruiting artists to run art workshops using the valuable treasures of NA collections, including photographs, documents, maps and records. This aims at drawing on these treasures in creating novel artworks based on a national historical perspective and art workshops.  Initiatives on the margin of the said workshops, such as artworks exhibition, student competitions and a charity auction will be launched.

Objectives of the "Archives and Modern Arts" project:

•    Foster NA brand and corporate image and achieve wider outreach to various society sectors.
•    Promote a better understanding of NA vision and mission and achieve NA strategic objectives by making NA holdings accessible and providing outstanding archival services that enhance national identity.
•    Provide children with archival knowledge and skills in artworks.
•    Arrange competitions and encourage a proactive attitude and innovation in UAE schools.
•    Activate the community role and build community partnerships with cultural and professional agencies and organizations in the UAE.

Activities of the "Archives and Modern Arts" Project:

•    Artistic workshops based on material available at the National Archives.
•    Competitions for creating the most beautiful artworks in each workshop.
•    An exhibition of the artworks done inside or outside NA premises.
•    A charity auction during Ramadan like an “Iftar banquet”, to sell the project artworks for the benefit of a charitable organization such as the Red Crescent and to honor the sponsors and winners.

Target group:

School students of both gender aged 15 to 18 years.