Student Archive Organization and Method

Have you ever provided your students with a large amount of review papers and asked them to keep them in a special file?  How do students save their academic papers throughout the year?  What is the best way to save and organize papers to be used later by students?  How much is being done to save and organize students’ papers?  Is documents conservation a general culture or just an individual effort?
It seems that official documents sorting and preservation are individual efforts rather than a general culture - why is it so?
It is nothing more than being a simple matter of awareness about the correct way to save and take care of personal documents.  There is a number of methods to educate students about the culture of organization and conservation, including:
- Organizing a visit to the National Archives to listen to a lecture on the methods of saving personal documents by creating a personal archive at home.
- A visit by the National Archives to the educational institutions to deliver lectures and educate students and teachers about the importance of the personal archive.  In addition, the National Archives’ website offers important information and tips that can be presented to students to benefit from them in archiving their academic and school documents, such as the certificates and important correspondence, etc.
The National Archives pays particular attention to awareness of the personal archive.  In addition to the public interest in reducing material losses resulting from the loss and damage of personal documents, there is also a historical.  Many of the community members possess personal documents that are of great importance at the national level so their preservation becomes a national priority rather than personal.  As a result, spreading awareness among students about the importance of documents conservation will get every Emirati home acquainted with the importance preserving documents so they all can participate in building the Nation's memory.