• ISBN :978-9948-22-977-3 Language :Arabic Year :2016
    Zayed and Excellence
    Dr. Imad Eddin Hussein

    This book tackles the exceptional leadership qualities of the character of the founding leader from an “Excellence Culture” perspective. It’s a new approach to this outstanding and unique figure based on the concepts and standards of the EFQM Excellence Model; it documents excellence milestones in his biography using the tools, language, terminology, standards and results of excellence. The Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan had both the unique leading character and the integrated model of excellence; therefore, he was the unique and distinguished character of excellence in the eyes of all who deal with his biography, history, and thought; as he was the desert’s son, noble knight and wise statesman. He was the leader with a vision of excellence who made a quantum leap in the UAE so it achieved a global pioneering position, which impressed the whole world. Sheikh Zayed was an integrated model of excellence: he had the inclination to excellence, followed its concepts, applied its standards, achieved its results and assessed the continuous improvement and development in the administration of his country. He was the inspiring leader and the exemplar of a great vision and strategic objectives, who did his best in managing his country, citizens and resources. He dealt with his country’s partners with efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness and achieved remarkable results in the pursuit of a sustainable future. The book consists of three parts: Part I: Zayed: Era, Experience and Excellence, Part II: Zayed and Excellence Standards, and Part III: Harvest of Experience.

  • Language :Arabic / English
    Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Ruler of Al Ain (1946-1966)
    Yousef Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Harmoudi

    Historical documents confirm that since Sheikh Zayed, may his soul rest in peace, had held the reins of power in Al Ain, he drew on his vision and wisdom to put his house in order. He forged good relations with his neighbors. His policy resulted in establishing Abu Dhabi’s influence in the region. His rule of Al Ain heralded the rise of a wise leader and a high-caliber politician who won the hearts and minds of all his people.
    The book portrays Zayed’s childhood and youth, and his passion for learning and knowledge. It describes the geography of Al Ain and lists the Arab tribes, which lived over there.  Moreover, the book discusses the numerous forts in Al Ain.

  • Language :Arabic / English
    50 Years in Al Ain Oasis
    Abdulhafeez Khan

    The book describes in twenty chapters the amazing development and prosperity, which the UAE witnessed in the field of agriculture, as well as the spread of palm trees. In addition, the book documents the efforts of the founding leader, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in transforming the UAE’s landscape from a barren desert into picturesque gardens.

  • Language :Arabic Year :2015
    A Journey into the Future
    Graeme H. Wilson

    The National Archives published a book that documented the track record of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the impact that his outstanding leadership had on the Arab world and beyond. This book also highlights Sheikh Khalifa’s interesting family life. This is the first book that gives full access to all of this previously private information, which makes it a very interesting biography.

  • ISBN : 978-9948-02-342-5 Language :English And Arabic Year :2016
    In The Heart of the Desert
    Michael Quentin Morton

    After the Second World War, the Iraq Oil Company began a geological survey of the southern Arabian Peninsula. This was initiated by Mike Morton (the author’s father) who wrote in his diaries that it was an exciting expedition across the Middle East. His contemporary, Michael Quentin Morton, writes a book that is true to life in regards to the social, economic and political effects this had on the whole region. He highlights a shift from what the Peninsula was like before to the current day, where it is flourishing and luxurious.

  • ISBN :978-9948-8594-7-5 Language :English Year :2013
    Zayed Man Who Built A Nation
    Graeme H. Wilson

    The book (Zayed - Man Who Built A Nation) tells the biography of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan since 1971 until his death in 2004. It includes many deep views taken from personalities who were contemporary with Sheikh Zayed and worked under his commands and from the National and International Archives which offered unique opportunities to access their holdings. The material of the book is supported by witnesses, examples and facts and events which make it the most comprehensive work published about the most prominent Arab leader hitherto. Participating researchers in this work visited dozens of countries, interviewed a large number of world leaders who were contemporary with the era that took three decades. Researchers carried many interviews that have eventually contributed to the drawing of a unique image of this unrivalled leader. The book documents the unique personal achievements of Sheikh Zayed, a statesman of first-class and great leader for the good of his country, his people and the world.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-117-6 Language :Arabic Year :2013
    Legal Settlement
    For The Emirati Iranian Dispute Regarding The Three Islands
    Abdullatif Al Sayyadi

    The book consists of five chapters, with five appendices comprising dozens of documents in Arabic, English, French and Farsi along with historical maps. It looks into the conflicting claims of both parties to the dispute over the Islands of Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs, ever since the first Iranian claim to them was put forward in 1887, then it goes on to scrutinize these claims in the context of international Justice and arbitration for the purpose of conducting a thorough examination and analysis of the entire documentary and source material on which they are based, in order to establish, eventually, that the scale of international justice tips in favor of the United Arab Emirates in regard to its title to its three usurped islands. In his book, the author relies on a myriad of facts and quotes, in addition to dozens of rulings, awards, and principles issued by International tribunals and arbitration bodies in similar border disputes. The book is considered the most comprehensive compilation of historical facts and legal evidence on which the UAE relies to assert its sovereignty over the three occupied Islands

  • ISBN : 978-9948-05-118-3 Language :Arabic Year :2013
    The Prophet’s
    Letters and Envoys
    Faleh Handhal

    In his book of about (77) pages, the author compiled messages and letters of the Prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - which he sent to the Arab or non-Arab powerful personalities of that era. In his study of these letters, he relied on the writings of old Muslim historians, and contemporary writers, and shed light on them, explaining vague words and meanings of certain phrases. He incorporated some historical analysis of the content of such messages, and deduced the historical, religious and political facts of some areas of the Arabian Gulf during that period. To these messages, the author added three chapters: the historical significance of the Arabian Gulf in the olden days, the Gulf as illustrated by ancient Arab geographers, and the Arabian Gulf people’s religions before Islam.

  • ISBN : 978-9948-05-119-0 Language :Arabic and English in one volume Year :2013
    Son of the Desert and Builder of a Civilization
    Dr. Mohamed Morsi Abdullah

    The book documents key aspects of the thinking of the leader: the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, God rest his soul, and his political, social and cultural views, his humane and realistic approach. He was the builder of the nation of the federation. He had played a major and genuine role in the liberation of Kuwait, oversaw women advancement and progress, took keen interest in young people’s education, employment, and culture, and in the issue of the heritage. He is the founder of the UAE, a mentor of men, a down to earth politician, an advocate of Arab solidarity, a defender of the cause of the Arab nation, a graduate of the school of the Arabian desert, and the standard-bearer of its humane and tolerant democracy.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-126-8 Language :Arabic Year :2013
    The Integrated Archival system
    Abdul Karim Bjajah

    In his book on archiving, the author tackles the evolution of this science from ancient times to the modern era, together with the law of national archiving, and its rules of procedure, and mentions two examples of archiving: in Algeria, and the United Arab Emirates. Being an expert in this science, the author puts forward proposals to regulate archives in their various stages: short, medium and long term, and presents essential elements for their preservation in such stages: including equipment, climactic conditions, mediums, and safeguarding them against disasters ... Etc. In his book, the author relies on his long experience in documents management and archiving in Algeria, and on numerous sources and references in this field. His book comprises twenty original and translated studies. It is food for thought for those interested in documents management, register, and preservation.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-113-8 Language :English Year :2012
    Memoirs of the Emirates

    Memoirs of the Emirates comprises the proceedings of the 3-day seminar convened by the National Archives (NA) in Abu Dhabi in December 2010. The 27 papers presented in this seminar by Emiratis and former British officials provide a unique insight into the life and times in the Emirates during the decades of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The narratives recounted by the Emiratis, of their struggles and sacrifices that paved the path for the evolution of modern UAE, remain an inspiring legacy for generations to come. Added to their narratives, are the vivid reminiscences of British diplomats, officials and professionals who lived and served in the Emirates in a crucial era which initiated the dramatic transformation of the country. Of exceptional value to this book are the myriad vintage pictures from the personal collections of the contributors. Memoirs of the Emirates adds a new dimension to the history and heritage of this nation by bringing to light individual recollections and reminiscences that are not to be found in the official records or documents.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-112-1 Language :Arabic and English in one volume Year :2012
    Emiratis All Our Yesterdays
    The Trucial States 1960 – 1962
    Anthony J. Rundell

    In the introduction to his book Emiratis: All Our Yesterdays, a combined translated version of this recent publication of the National Archives  (NA), Rundell’s objective is to ‘recreate’ or rather ‘recollect’ the atmosphere and circumstances of the early 1960s during which he served with the Trucial Oman Scouts (TOS). In the foreword to the combined English-Arabic volume, HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the NCDR, has noted that the author “dedicated the book to the young generation of Emiratis to show them what a noble tradition they had inherited from their ancestors who rose above all hardships with a very distinct personal dignity.” As a Desert Intelligence Officer, Rundell was personally and officially involved in the day-to-day affairs of the Trucial States (as the UAE was known prior to the Federation). While stressing the prominent role played by the oil wealth in the transformation process that has produced today’s United Arab Emirates, Rundell pinpoints the deeper reasons for this dramatic change, mainly a sense of responsibility on the part of the Rulers, and in particular the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. The myriad photographs filling the 200-page book depict contemporary events and personalities significantly adding to the rare and vintage value of the narrative.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-079-7 Language :Arabic and English in one volume Year :2011
    Black Gold and Frankincense
    Michael Quentin Morton

    This book is a documentary record covering an important era in the history of Arabia; namely the era of prospecting for oil and the early production of what came to be termed Black Gold, which has brought about significant changes in the pattern of life in the region. The documents in the book are photographs taken by the author’s father, Mike Morton, during his stay in Arabia and his work there as a geologist for different oil companies from 1947 to 1954. The book deals with various aspects of life and work in the desert while prospecting for oil in an area where the frankincense trade played a pivotal role. The author was keen on revealing how oil prospecting operations have also yielded pioneering geographical exploration works of which the West had no or little knowledge. In turn, such explorations have since revealed a wealth of anthropological information. Many of the photographs included in the book depict the people who lived and worked in the heart of the vast desert, their style of life, dwellings, oases, means of transportation (including camels and ships), customs and traditions, and sources of sustenance (including fishing and pearl diving), food and drink, villages and towns, and system of government (tribes and rulers). Black Gold and Frankincense is a welcome and valuable addition to the literature on a very strategic period in the region’s history.

  • ISBN : 978-9948-05-080-3 Language :Arabic Year : 2011
    Trucial Coast States 1900-1971
    A documentary perspective
    Shamsa Hamad Al-Abd Al-Dhahiri

    Al-Dhahiri presents a historical perspective of the Trucial Coast Region in the 20th century: the concept of the Arabian Gulf Coast; the various names given to it and the significance of each name; a historical view of life and socio-economic conditions in the region in 1930s and 1940s; culture and education; health and local policy; councils (Majalis) and relations with the British administration. Among other topics covered are the demographic composition of the Trucial Coast in 1901; the camel convoy’s route from Abu Dhabi to the Qatar Peninsula; life of Coastal citizens in India and their relationship with other communities there and resulting mutual influence. The book also focuses on the Trucial Oman Levies; Zanzibar and its trade relations with the people of the Coast; locust control operations and the beginning of radio transmission in the region -- Sawt (Voice) Al-Sahel; and on international broadcasts targeting the region with the intention of effecting political, social and cultural changes at that time.

  • ISBN : 978-9948-05-085-8 Language :Arabic Translation from English Year :2011
    India and the UAE:
    In Celebration of a Legendary Friendship
    Venu Rajamony

    This book takes readers on an interesting and unique journey that sheds light on the multifaceted relationship between the UAE and India. The author, Venu Rajamony, was the Consul General of India in Dubai from 2007 to 2010, during which time relations between India and the UAE witnessed remarkable developments. HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, states in the preface: “…Tradesmen in both countries have played a significant role in building cultural, social and commercial bridges between their peoples. Such developments have placed India at the forefront of commercial and industrial exchange with the UAE, in addition to other non-petroleum industries.” The 267-page book contains five chapters: a historical review of the long-standing relations between India and the UAE; the scope of their political relations; a comprehensive review of economic activity; relations in the fields of health and education; and finally, on the people in both India and the UAE. India and the UAE: In Celebration of a Legendary Friendship is supported with scores of pictures, illustrations, maps and tables collected by the author from various sources, including the National Archives (NA).

  • ISBN :978-9948-95-084-1 Language :Arabic, English and French in one volume Year : 2011
    Memories of the Arabian Peninsula
    A Photographic Journey
    Pascal Gueyle

    Using vintage photographs from the middle of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century from private and public collections, Memories of the Arabian Peninsula: A Photographic Journey depicts the vibrant life of a vanished world. From street scenes to portraits, landscapes to architectural wonders of the past, along with pictures of Rulers, Sheikhs and common people from all walks of life, this book offers a unique collection of photographs of the Arabian Peninsula. Whether seen as historical documents, works of art, commercial products, or all three combined, they provide an interesting background to the region’s place in cultural history through the eyes of travelers.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-076-6 Language :Arabic Translation from English Year :2010
    Classic Ships of Islam
    From Mesopotamia to the Indian Ocean
    Dionisius A. Agius

    This book charts the development of Islamic ships and boats in the western Indian Ocean, the Arabian Gulf, the Mediterranean and the Red Seas from the seventh to the sixteenth centuries, with occasional references to earlier epochs where necessary. The author has used mainly Classical and Medieval Arabic and non-Arabic literary sources with iconographical evidence and archaeological finds. The interdependence of various trading and maritime activities in the region had resulted in a cross-fertilization, not only of goods but also of ideas and culture, which gave an underlying cohesion to the peoples of the region. This cohesion is demonstrated in the techniques of the building of ships of various types, sizes and functions. The book also surveys the nautical terminology used throughout that epoch with thorough etymological research. ‘Classic Ships of Islam’ has recently been given two awards: The Keith Matthews Award of the Canadian Nautical Research Society; and the Keith Muckelroy Award of the Nautical Archaeology Society.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-068-1 Language :Arabic Year :2009
    Memoirs of a Nation
    King Abdulla I, Ibn Al Hussain

    Memoirs of a Nation is a significant volume not only for its coverage of important present and potential issues concerning the Arab nation but also for its review and examination of major events and consequences thereof. The author bore witness to these events as he was one of the most important decision makers of his time. The author lived through a critical era that witnessed transformations affecting the Arab region and the world. Against its own will, the Arab World was a stage for some of those conflicts. As Prince Abdulla, he managed to convince his father, Al Shareef Al Hussein Bin Ali, to respond favourably to Arab demands and to declare a revolution that would realize the aspirations of the nation: liberty, sovereignty and independence. The book thus sets forth a practical experience with regard to shaping Arab reality in light of previous developments. It is also a rich record of King Abdulla’s stances and his dealings with other members of the Hashemite Dynasty as well as with leaders of the Arab countries. The book also contains King Abdulla’s correspondences with Western leaders stressing the values of freedom, equality, democracy and peace.

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-075-9 Language :Arabic and English in one volume Year :2009
    Old Mosques Of The Coasts Of Abu Dhabi
    Dr. Geoffrey King

    Published in English and Arabic in a combined volume, this book surveys the various types of traditional mosques on the coast and islands of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The study offers a wealth of information about traditional Islamic architecture and structures ranging from basic stone outline mosques representing the simplest form to larger, costlier and architecturally more complex ones built by a society heavily dependent on the sea for fishing, pearling and trade. More importantly, these mosques bear witness to the religiosity of the people, their devout adherence to Islam and their observation of the obligation of prayer. Illustrated with drawings of ground-plans and beautiful pictures taken before and after restoration, of old mosques with inscribed decorations, interior prayer-halls, mihrabs and minbars, wells and hammams, this unique study constitutes an invaluable visual record of the older traditional style of mosques in Abu Dhabi. Particularly useful to researchers are the lists of old mosques known to have formerly existed in Abu Dhabi which have been included in the appendix of the book

  • ISBN :978-9948-05-071-1 Language :Arabic and English in one volume Year :2009
    New Perspectives On Recording UAE History

    This volume titled ‘New Perspectives On Recording UAE History’ comprises the proceedings of the International History Conference convened by the National Center for National Archives (NA) in Abu Dhabi in November 2008. The 27 papers presented in the conference by national and international scholars from multi-disciplinary fields covered the history and heritage of the UAE from the prehistoric era to the establishment of the Federation in 1971. Based on authentic sources and latest research methodology, these papers revealed invaluable information and new perspectives on the following subjects: the prehistoric roots of the UAE; the socio-economic transformations that took place in the Arabian Gulf region during the Islamic period; the Portuguese, Dutch and British presence in the area of the Emirates; socio-economic life in the Emirates during the pre-oil era; and finally, the forces and factors that led to the emergence of the Federation and the reasons behind its success as a unique and pioneering example of Arab regional integration in modern history. In order to widen the scope of understanding and dissemination of these scholarly presentations, the papers in English were translated into Arabic and vice versa, and published in one combined volume.

  • ISBN :ISSN: 1729-9039 Language :English Year :First Issue June 2009
    Journal of the National Archives

    “Liwa” is the journal of the National Center for Documentation. It is a bi-annual refereed academic journal dedicated to the study of the history, archeology and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf Region. “Liwa” publishes articles in both Arabic and English, in print as well as on the internet.

  • ISBN :Arabic ISBN:9948-05-067-3 English ISBN:9948-05-066-5 Language :Arabic and English Year :2007
    Zayed: From Challenges to Union
    Dr. Jayanti Maitra

    This book is a chronicle of the life and achievements of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan during the quarter century from 1946 to 1971 which witnessed his rise to power and fame from a tribal leader in the interior to the President of a modern nation-state. Based on exhaustively researched British archival records, the study presents an interesting and insightful analysis of the different stages of Sheikh Zayed’s political career set against several landmark events in the contemporary annals of the Emirates. During his twenty-year tenure as the Ruler’s Representative in Al Ain oasis, Zayed emerged as a great leader in the making. After becoming the Ruler of Abu Dhabi in 1966, he succeeded in transforming the medieval Emirate into a modern metropolis by virtue of his supreme qualities of head and heart. As the pre-eminent figure in Gulf politics and the precursor of political unification in the region, Sheikh Zayed took the lead in establishing the Federation of the U.A.E. on 2nd December 1971 and became its first President. This marked the crowning archievement of his career and a defining moment in the history of the seven Emirates. A leader-statesman of legendary repute in the Arab World, and one of the greatest political figures of our times, Sheikh Zayed’s phenomenal contributions earned for him a memorable place in history.

  • ISBN :9948-05-054-01 Language :Arabic 3 Volumes Year :2005
    Al Ma’moura
    A Comprehensive Arabic Encyclopedia of Camels
    Hanna Saadah

    A comprehensive and illustrated Arabic encyclopedia on camels, the name Al Mamoura has a special significance for being the name of the camel of Prophet Mohammed (PBU) during his migration from Mecca to Medina. Elegantly designed, this three-volume encyclopedia consisting of 14 parts provides detailed information about camels in pre-Islamic and Islamic epochs. Based on information collected from the Holy Quran, Hadith and books on Arabic heritage, proverbs and poetry, the author describes the names, genealogies, colors, ages and voices of camels with copious quotations. This encyclopedia was published under the directives of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan whose special consideration for the upkeep of camels and horses, and his commitment to the preservation of Arab heritage are well-known.

  • ISBN :9948-05-548-7 Language :Arabic 5 Volumes Year :2005
    Al ’Adeyat
    A Comprehensive Arabic Encyclopedia of Horses
    Hanna Saadah

    This 5-volume encyclopedia is the most comprehensive Arabic encyclopedia on horses. It constitutes a thorough source of information on equestrian sports, types of horses and their various characteristics – their anatomy, breeding, food habits, diseases and medications. The encyclopedia also gives a preview on horse races with descriptions of the celebrity horses in history such as the horse of Antar bin Shadad and the horse of King Al Mudhafar. This valuable and well-illustrated encyclopedia is based on the most reliable Arabic references and includes some significant allusions to horses found in the Holy Quran, the Hadith and in Arabic literature.

  • ISBN :9948-05-065-7 Language :Arabic Year :2005
    Zayed and the Environment
    UAE Secondary School Students

    This book encompasses in 5 chapters the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan with regard to conservation and protection of the environment which has become an integral part of the UAE’s present and future heritage. These papers are well-documented studies about Sheikh Zayed’s pioneering efforts in protecting the UAE’s environment and promoting environmental awareness through the establishment of the Federal Environment Agency and the promulgation of the necessary laws and regulations in co-operation with the Ministry of Education. The book draws special attention to the ‘Zayed International Prize for the Environment’ awarded annually to those who exert remarkable efforts in the environments sphere and presents the researchers’ recommendations and proposals in this regard.

  • ISBN :9948-05-064-9 Language :Arabic Year :2004
    Zayed and Women’s Progress
    UAE Secondary School Students

    This well-documented book discusses in detail the remarkable progress achieved by UAE women. It underscores the extraordinary efforts exerted by Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak (Mother of the Nation) under directives from the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who encouraged women’s involvement in all fields. As a result, UAE women have progressed tremendously in social, economic and cultural spheres and have started to play a vital role in the advancement of their nation.

  • ISBN :9948-05-060-6 Language :Arabic Year :2004
    References to Places and Countries
    Jamaluddin Bamakhrama Al Hamyaree

    This is an historical and geographical gazetteer of the Arab and Islamic worlds comprising biographical data of peoples and celebrities, tribes, factions and groups with illustrations of their genealogical similarities. It provides comprehensive lists of countries, villages, forts, mountains and rivers. Based on a thorough documentation of the Prophet’s Traditions and a compilation of information found in poems, quotations and a variety of other sources, this gazetteer should be of vital importance to archaeologists, historians and others interested in the Gulf area in general and in the UAE in particular.

  • ISBN :9948-05-062-2 Language :Arabic Year :2004
    Abu Dhabi
    Unification of the Emirate and Establishment of the Federation
    Dr. Abdul Aziz Ibrahim

    This book was issued to mark the 38th anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan as Ruler of Abu Dhabi in 1966. Chapter One deals with the unity of the Bani Yas tribe and the attitude of its sheikhs towards unity and the maintenance of the rights of their allies prior to the era of Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa (1855-1909). The second chapter outlines the reign of Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa and his success in promoting the values of the Bedouin society, the establishment of civil community and paving the way for the unification of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This chapter also sheds light on the change in conditions during the period of Sheikh Zayed’s sons and during the reign of Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1928-1966). Chapter Three discusses the early life of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. The fourth chapter analyzes the character of Sheikh Zayed by applying the theory of heroism in history and demonstrates how he established the Federation of the United Arab Emirates through his wisdom and leadership qualities.

  • ISBN :9948-05-059-2 Language :Arabic Year :2004
    Zayed and Development
    UAE Secondary School Students

    This book is a compilation of 5 award-winning research papers by the students who jointly participated in the Secondary School Competition organized and refereed by the Ministry of Education and the Center for Documentation & Research in 2003. It traces in detail the role of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in the historical evolution of the UAE and its all-round development under his prudent leadership.

  • ISBN :9948-05-047-9 Language :Arabic Year :2003
    History and Civilization
    Ali Nasser Mohammed

    The book depicts the history of the city of Aden highlighting its importance as a commercial sea port since the beginning of the first millennium B.C. Aden was mentioned in the holy books and in the ancient Greek and Roman historical references. The book documents the mutual relations between Aden and 39 Arab and foreign countries and includes photographs and maps that document the history of the city. In spite of the scarcity of documents and references, the author managed to collect many rare photographs of Aden and its personalities which provide graphic views of its history through the ages and pictures of its different districts and places of historical attractions.

  • ISBN : 9948-05-012-6 Language :Arabic 5 Volumes Year :2003
    Zayed Chronicles

    This book is a register of the achievements of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan covering the period from 1966 to 2002. It depicts the story of this great leader and his commitment to building his country and serving his people in the Arab and international spheres. Sheikh Zayed’s genuine faith in the principles of Arabism and Islam are vividly portrayed in these volumes. The subject matter has been gathered from local and Arabic daily newspapers and meticulously documented. Each volume has an index of contents and photographs of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan taken on various occasions.

  • ISBN :9948-05-044-4 Language :Arabic Year :2002
    Zayed and Heritage
    Cultural Roots of the Political Leadership
    Dr. Syed Hamed Horaiz

    This book outlines the concept of heritage in the United Arab Emirates and the awareness for its preservation and continuance by the political and cultural elite of the country. The author lays special emphasis on Sheikh Zayed’s keen interest in heritage since his childhood and his active role in preserving and promoting it. He recounts some interesting historical events about the Al Nahyan Ruling Family from the past to demonstrate how Sheikh Zayed benefited from the values and wisdom of his ancestors. The book also highlights the significant contributions of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid and Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi to the preservation of heritage at the local, regional and international levels, and ends with a description of the symbols of Emirati heritage such as the mosque, tribe, camel, palm tree, boat and pearls.

  • ISBN : 9948-05-000-2 Language :Arabic Year :2002
    The Social and Political Environment and its Effect on the Establishment of the UAE
    Dr. Nabawaiya Helmi Abu Pasha

    In keeping with the NA’s ambitious plan to publish scientific and scholarly studies, this book represents fundamental researches based on several years of data collection by the author. The book is divided into five chapters which analyze the social relations and explain the political and economic dimensions that impact the present and future. Chapter one deals with the ecological features and physical characteristics of the different Emirates, the economic activities, political boundaries and the demographic structure of the UAE society. The second chapter portrays the historical background of the political system prior to the formation of the UAE, tribal alliances in the area and the influence of the British. The third chapter depicts the transformation in the power structure within the historical and social perspective and the developments that initiated the need for the federation based on a constitution to regulate the political system of a modern state. The fourth chapter deals with environment and economic changes and describes the occupations of the pre-oil era such as pealing, fishing and farming. The fifth chapter demonstrates the main features of the society in the Emirates and its social components during the transition from tribe to state. The book concludes with the remark that a comparison between the erstwhile Trucial Emirates and modern UAE is like comparing two different worlds.

  • ISBN :9948-05-002-9 Language :Arabic Translation from French Year :2002
    The Kingdom of Hormuz
    Jean Aubin

    Under the leadership of Arab kings of Omani origin, the Kingdom of Hormuz formed part of a flourishing civilization. Deriving its prosperity from pearling, fishing, trading and customs revenues, Hormuz was the center of attraction in the Gulf. Indian, Persian and Arab merchants carried out their commercial transactions in Hormuz and people of different nationalities lived in harmony and peaceful co-existence until the kingdom was destroyed by the Portuguese invasion. The significance of this book lies in proving the Arabic roots of the Hormuz lineage, (from the 13th to the 15th centuries) and dispelling the myth of Portuguese superiority at sea. The Arabic translation of this historical account is of great value and relevance to the interested readers.

  • ISBN : 9948-05-003-7 Language :Arabic Translation from German Year :2002
    Voyage of Max Von Oppenheim
    From the Mediterranean to the Gulf
    Max Von Oppenheim

    Published in Germany in 1898-1900, this book is one of the most important travelers’ accounts written by the German author, Oppenheim, who visited many of the cities and islands of the Gulf in the last decade of the 19th century. In the course of his travels in the Arab lands for more than half a century, he became well-versed in Bedouin culture and traditions which he vividly described in the nine chapters of his book. This book should be of immense interest to Arab scholars and readers.

  • ISBN :9948-05-005-3 Language :Arabic Year :2002
    Zayed and Education
    UAE Secondary School Students

    This book represents the efforts of the students who visited the NA through special arrangements with the Ministry of Education and other official bodies in the UAE to get acquainted with the activities of governmental organizations. The students focused on the history of education and its advancement at all levels in the post-federation era. The book lays special emphasis on the support given the late by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to the cause of female education and the role of women’s associations and educational institutions in promoting academic and cultural awareness in the UAE.

  • Language :Arabic and English in one volume Year :2002
    Historical Documents on Arab History in the Archives of the World Conference

    The symposium, held in Abu Dhabi from 1st to 7th of March 2002, featured distinguished scholars and researchers specialized in Arabian historical studies. Participants exchanged and presented wide-ranging information about Arabian history collected from the records and documents housed in various archives around the world. This publication, consisting of 16 lectures, provides in-depth information about Arabian history and its sources. The lectures demonstrated a wealth of information about the Gulf region recorded in the British documents and about the East Coast of the erstwhile Emirates in the early European records. They brought to light some important documents in the American National Archive, the presence of some Moroccan documents in a number of international archives and information about the rule of Turkey in the Gulf found in the German archives. The scope of the lectures also encompassed glimpses of Arabian history gleaned from the Portuguese documents in the Goa Archives and from the Italian documents in the Vatican and the Venice Archives.

  • ISBN :9948-05-004-5 Language :Arabic Year :2001
    Seizure of Three UAE Islands
    UAE Secondary School Students

    This book comprising six well-researched papers by secondary students provides a general historical and geographical overview of the three islands of Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs. An account of Iran’s occupation of these islands (1971) is set against the UAE’s claim to them supported by Sheikh Zayed’s statements and the peaceful efforts made by the UAE for settling the dispute. The papers also include legal documentation of the UAE right to the three islands and the historical roots of the issue. The book also includes recommendations and proposals along with photographs and references used by the students in their research.

  • ISBN :Arabic ISBN:1-86063-121-5 English ISBN:1-86063-105-3 Language :Arabic and English Year :2001
    Qasr Al Hosn:
    The History of the Rulers of Abu Dhabi, 1793-1966
    Dr. Jayanti Maitra, Afra Al-Hajji

    For nearly two centuries, Qasr Al Hosn served as the fortress, royal residence and administrative headquarters of the Al Bu Falah Rulers, the ancestors of the Al Nahyan Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi. Linking the past with the present, the fort stands today as the most illustrious symbol of their achievements. Set against the historic backdrop of Qasr Al Hosn, this book provides a well-researched and balanced account of almost 200 years of Abu Dhabi’s history. The narrative focuses on the 11 Al Bu Falah Rulers who ruled the Emirate from 1793 to 1966. The study examines in detail the several forces and factors which paved the way for the emergence of Abu Dhabi as the paramount political and economic power on the Gulf Coast. This was also the period of growing British control over the coastal Emirates and the book analyzes all aspects of British policy-making. The socio-economic conditions that transformed the character of Abu Dhabi have also been depicted as they provide interesting glimpses into the traditional economy, society and life-style of the region. The book, published in both Arabic & English, also contains copies of important documents hitherto unpublished, some rare photographs of Abu Dhabi and a unique genealogical tree of the Al Nahyan Ruling Family which should serve as invaluable references for scholars and researchers.

  • ISBN :9948-05-006-1 Language :Arabic 4 Volumes Year :2001
    Memorable Speeches of Zayed

    This encyclopedia documents the speeches of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan which highlight his wisdom, philosophy, thoughts and viewpoints on a wide spectrum of subjects – political, diplomatic, social and cultural – at the national, regional and international levels. The book starts with a foreword by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the National Archives (NA), and is divided into four Volumes. Volume one has three chapters: the first presents the addresses made by Sheikh Zayed on various occasions; the second gives excerpts of his speeches; and the third includes his letters, cables and statements. Volume Two has two chapters: the first outlines Sheikh Zayed’s statements in general and the second documents his press conferences. Volume three deals with Sheikh Zayed’s interviews with the local, Arab and international media. Volume four comprises the speeches given during his meetings with officials, citizens and Arab and foreign delegates. Many valuable photographs of the late Sheikh Zayed- the “Architect of Modern UAE”, are included in this encyclopedia.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1987
    Saeed Salman Abu Aathira

    Despite the use of numerous means of transport in the modern age and the diversification of income sources, camels are still important for Bedouins in the Arab countries. UAE takes the lead in camel breeding. With active support and encouragement from the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the author undertook the task of writing this book and for this purpose went on a camel trip in 1973, from Jordan to Qatar through Saudi Arabia accompanied by two friends, Roger Abton and Mark Allan. That experience motivated them to write about camels. Illustrated with many pictures, this book has reproduced considerable information about camels found in Arabic literature and in the pre-Islamic poetry and also in later times. Based on descriptions in Bedouin literature, the author recounts their types and reproduction, their names according to their ages, their diseases and treatments, the names of their limbs and sounds, their types of walk and races, and prices.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1983
    Value and Treatment of Birds
    Adham Muhriz Al Bahili Ed. Saeed Salman Abu Aathira

    This book is an edited study based on a review of a manuscript found by the editor in Oxford University Library in 1975, attributed to the Dutch orientalist Jacob Julius (1596) supplemented by a study of other rare manuscripts and books. Under instructions from the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan this book followed a scientific methodology in its data collection and presents the names of birds which are trained to hunt and the treatment of their diseases. As a valuable reference for those interested in falconry and other such sports, the publication of this book was fittingly promoted on the occasion of the International Symposium on Falconry and its Arts held in Abu Dhabi in 1976 under the patronage of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

  • Language : Arabic and English in one volume Year :1982
    Proceedings Of The Fourth Seminar Of Centers And Institutions Concerned With Gulf And Arabian Peninsula Studies

    The research papers presented in this forum by senior scholars and archivists, were published in book form covering a wide range of subjects such as: literature and its role in creating a general awareness in the Gulf area; economic integration of the Gulf states based on a comparative study of documents from the Turkish and the British archives; and social status in the pearling society.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1981
    UAE Chronicles
    Annual Series

    This is an on-going series documenting since 1972 the major events occurring in the UAE every year in the political, economic, social and other arenas including other important national and international events witnessed during the period covered by the book. UAE Chronicles has earned the praise of the UNESCO for being an important reference guide for scholars, researchers and all those who are interested in the affairs of the country.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1981
    UAE Documents
    Annual Series

    Issued annually since 1974, this series documents official declarations, speeches and statements by the Rulers, Crown Princes, Ministers, Undersecretaries and other officials representing the UAE in regional and international circles. It aims to assist scholars and researchers in the fields of politics, administration, information and culture. Arranged chronologically and supplemented by an index of proper names, UAE Documents is indispensable for gaining insight into official opinions and policy-making.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1978
    The Genius of Arab Civilization, Source of Renaissance
    Ed. John R. Hayes

    Modern renaissance was built on the genius of Arab civilization. This book is the product of the writings of several Western scholars whose primary aim was to highlight the civilizing role of the Arabs. Under instructions from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, this book was translated and published in order to let readers know about the role of the Arabs in enriching human heritage and their contributions to modern civilization. This book demonstrates in specific terms the influence of the Arabs in the fields of Islamic documents, literature, philosophy, architecture, arts, physics, biology, mechanics, commerce and other subjects. It has a bibliography of the Arabic and foreign sources and a detailed index. The elite group of Arab and American social scientists contributing to this book include: Bayly Winder, J.S. Badeau, M.A. Khouri, O. Grabar, M. Fakhry, A.I. Sabra, S.K. Hamarneh, R. El-Mallakh, I. Madkour and F.E. Peters.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1975
    Basics of Political and Constitutional Organization in the UAE
    Dr. Al Sayyid Mohammed Ibrahim

    Issued at the time of the establishment of the UAE, this book gives an overview of the basics of the political and constitutional organization of the UAE and constitutes an important reference work on the subject.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1972
    The UAE
    Studies and Documents on its History and Establishment

    This book consisting of 3-chapters was issued to mark the first anniversary of the establishment of the Federation of the UAE. It aims to acquaint readers with the tremendous efforts that helped translate the concept of federation into reality. Based on official records, this work documents the different phases of the federation and is meant to be a reference study for researchers interested in this critical period of the history of the UAE in particular, and the Arab Nation in general. Chapter one deals with the historical initiatives and a general view of the constitution of the new state, while Chapter two shows the efforts made to stabilize its status within the Arab, Islamic and international arenas. The final chapter presents the most important accomplishments of the federal government in its first year in the fields of legislature, administration and development.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1972
    Historical and Geographical Study
    Ali Ahmed Riyadh

    This book consists of 7 chapters containing general information on the United Arab Emirates and each of the seven emirates: area, tribes and local produce. The book also provides a concise historical overview of the Emirates and their developments in the fields of health, education and administrative organization. Other noteworthy features of the book are photographs of Rulers of the Emirates, maps of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain, as well as the family tree of the Al Nahyan Ruling Family.

  • Language :Arabic Year :1971
    Abu Dhabi
    on the Fifth Anniversary of the Accession of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

    This well-illustrated book is a commentary on the prudent leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the historic role he played in the establishment of the Federation. The emergence of Abu Dhabi as an attractive place for developmental projects and financial investments and also for tourism is portrayed through an analysis of the administrative system of the Emirate and the UAE, the effective contributions of the Abu Dhabi Chamber for Commerce and Industry and its Emirati businessmen.

  • Language :Arabic and English Year :1969
    Abu Dhabi
    Past and Present
    Muhammad Morsy Abdullah

    This book was issued to mark the third anniversary of the accession of the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan as the Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi on August 6, 1966. It gives thorough information about the topography of the island and its surrounding areas and the history of the sheikhs and tribes of Abu Dhabi. The transformations that took place in the spheres of administration, economy, society, health, education and defense under the able leadership of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, are depicted in detail along with several landmark events in the annals of the Emirate which paved the way for the emergence of the Federation.

  • ISBN : Language :Arabic
    Popular Poetry in The UAE
    Ed. Saeed Salman Abu Aathira

    This book compiles more than one hundred poems by four poets - Juma Bin Adel Al Rumaithi, Hamed Bin Ali al Madhous, Mohammed Bin Hamed Al Murri and Rashid Bin Salih Al Meqarih- dealing with a myriad of subjects and including a valuable glossary at the end of each poem. The Foreword, written by H.E. Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, shows the impact of popular poetry on the life of the people of the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula and gives a vivid picture of their life in the olden days. The necessity of preserving this heritage was emphasized by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who ordered the formation of the Emirates Heritage Committee to collect and preserve oral tradition. In the introduction to the second edition Mr. Saeed Salman Abu Aathira, who collected and edited all the poems in the book, states that Bedouin poetry encompassed a wide range of subjects, and added that in the past tribes used to monitor the poetry of the other tribes in order to know about their intentions and tendencies.