In order to be capable of achieving its vision and providing excellent archiving, documentation and research services to spread cultural and historical awareness, the National Archives exerts constant efforts to qualifying specialized Emirati staff in the field of archiving. To that end, the National Archives adopts implementing "the Emirati National is the first choice when recruiting" policy, thus the vision of Emirate’s wise leadership placing the citizen first, second, and third. The National center’s role is not limited to attracting the UAE duly qualified and experienced members in the field of archiving, but also it includes qualifying, training and developing staff specialized in other areas to enhance their skills in archiving according to the latest international standards and specifications, to ensure continuity of their effective role in achieving the NA’s goals and mission. Becoming a member of our archives workforce guarantees you a place among our distinguished staff, who have a key position in our care focus, as we are the only specialized entity in the field of archiving in the State, you will have more opportunities for success and excellence. National Archives provide several career opportunities in different departments, including: research and knowledge services, institutional and social communication, support services and strategic planning. The National Archives welcomes all who have scientific qualifications, experience, work commitment and creative thinking to join a teamwork seeking always to achieve excellence. The National Archives provides also effective training to its employees enabling them to develop their skills and improve their capabilities in order to face future challenges.