Emirates Library

The Emirates Library pledges support for the research and outreach missions of the National Archives. This will be accomplished by:

  • The acquisition and organization information resources, in a variety of formats, to be utilized by both Internal and External library users that have an interest in the history, culture and heritage of the UAE, with an emphasis on the development of comprehensive collections in all formats, whether print, multimedia or electronic, that relate primarily to the United Arab Emirates but with a secondary focus on the Arabian Gulf Region, the Arab World, Islamic Civilization and World History.
  • Provision of first-rate services, facilities and resources for learning and research.
  • Promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Emirates Library collection contains tens of thousands of books and it actively subscribes to around 150 periodicals in additional to the library’s extensive periodical and newspaper print collection that attracts researchers from around the world. The library subscribes to electronic databases and also has a distinctive collection of electronic theses, dissertations and e-books focused on the Arabian Gulf Region.  There are additional plans to digitize its multilingual collection of rare books to allow researchers greater access while ensuring the preservation of these books. The Emirates Library main objective is to collect available resources about the United Arab Emirates in any format, any language and produced anywhere in world, it also collects materials on the Arabian Gulf Region, the Arab World, Islamic Civilization and World History.  Additionally, the Library participates in gift and exchange programs with other leading international institutions. For details please visit http://library.na.ae